Monday, July 13, 2009

Mical Dyck interview

This is the first interview in a series that is going to focus on Women's Mountain biking.

Mical is an Elite Mountain bike, and Cyclecross racer from Calgary, Alberta. Mical is a friend and I am grateful that she let me interview her for my first official interview. Mical is a great rider as well as a great person. She brings a lot to the table when it comes to mountain biking.

1. What got you into mountain biking?

Actually my brother and my dad dragged me out on a couple of group rides in Fort McMurray, Alberta. There used to be a huge XC scene up there. I'd go along and get totally shelled every ride but loved it. They finally convinced me to try a race, it snowed, I was the only girl, it was a complete mess, but I fell in love with racing. I really enjoy the people and atmosphere around cycling.

2. Who is your number one fan?

Of course my parents :)

3. Who do you race for, and what kind of racing do you do?

I currently race for the Trek Toronto Team and I predominately race Olympic distance cross country but really enjoy cyclecross racing as well.

(this is Mical climbing 'Georgetown' at the Canada Cup at the Nordic Center '09)

4. What is your favorite pre-race meal, and post-race meal?

Pre-race - oatmeal with berries and nuts, coffee

Post-race - pizza and beer

5. If you were a bag of chips, what kind of chips would you be?

Miss Vicky's Jalapeno

6. What are your goals you have in racing?

I've always wanted to be a professional athlete, to get paid to play. My ultimate cycling goal is the Olympics

7. You have raced across the pond, how is it different than racing here?

Yes, I've raced in Europe a couple of times. Cycling is way more accepted and apart of the culture in Europe, whole communities come out to races and get involved. There are a lot more competitors racing and a lot more fans watching. It's a really neat experience getting to race in front of thousands of people.

(at the top of 'Georgetown')

8. What is your weakness in racing, and what is your strength?

Weakness - climbing, I think I need a weight category

Strengths - fast technical descents

9. What is your favorite course to race on and why?

Offenberg, Germany. It's a fast flowy but pretty technical course, and really, really fun to ride.

10. Do you prefer a hardtail or full suspension bike?

I've only ridden a full suspension for the past 4 years, but I'm rediscovering my love for the hardtail, so it's tough to say. There a couple of courses that I really love the dually for and a couple that I really love the hardtail for. Trek has done such a great job with both bikes this year, I can't complain with either one.

11. What stage races have you done, and what were your results?

Just finished BC Bike Race (2009) in the co-ed with good friend Jeff Neilson. It was an absolutely amazing week of riding some pretty wicked trails, I would definitely do it again and recommend it to everyone. We finished 2nd.

Did part of the Transrockies last year, I got sick with a stomache something or other going into the race and ended up missing the first two days. We raced the last 5 days and even had two podium days on the last two days.

13. What races do you plan on racing for the rest of the MTB season, and cross?

Getting ready for the World Cups in Quebec, Mont St Anne and Bromont. From there it will depend on whether or not I make the worlds team to go to Australia...that would be a great experience. Either way I'm planning to end the season off with the US Cup in Vegas..always wanted to go.

My cross season will depend on how much energy I have left at the end of the summer. I'm really hoping that I can be competitive for nationals this year.

14. Who is your favorite photographer?

You are:)

15. Do you prefer to race in the west or the east?

West without a doubt. It's usually dry and I love the riding in the west...though there are some great courses in the east, but they're always wet.

16. What are your passions in life?

Living each day the best I can and making the most out of every situation.

Outside of cycling I really enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, climbing....pretty much anything outdoors, coffee, sushi and reading.

17. How long do you plan to race for?

Not sure, I'm taking each year at a time right now.

18. Who is your favorite female MTB racer? Mine is Alison Sydor.

I would have to agree, Alison has done so much for the sport and for women in the sport it's amazing. As well, she's a great person to talk to, a wealth of knowledge.

19. What was your toughest race, and which was your best race?

My toughest race would have to be the 2 Canadian world cups last year. I was planning on peaking for them and ended up completing flopping at those two races.

My best race would be, that's a tough one, probably be the World Cup in Offenburg in 2008. I started more then half way back in the pack, but road a really good strong race and finished 29th.

20. Do you think they should put short track events in the ABA MTB races?

Definitely, they are a great spectator event and super fun to race.

21. Do you have any advice for young riders?

Just have fun, don't get too wrapped up in results or comparing yourself to another racer, everyone has good and bad days.

I would especially like to thank Mical for doing this interview. It is greatly appreciated. Good luck in your races.

If you would like to read more on Mical here is her blog address

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