Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Canmore Canada Cup.

I did what it took to get to this race. It was a tough go, but I somehow managed. It was one of the most important races for me to attend so far this year. I had to get some pictures of the racers at the Canmore Canada Cup.

Struggling with having no money, no time, and being constantly sick this year, my race season was not happening. I figured maybe it was a sign to focus on something else (photography). I have been to MFC fights, TFC fights and KO boxing promotions paying my dues with taking photos. When doing these types of events the photos go unappreciated. They don't give a rat's ass about the photos. They only want their blood, blood money, and to keep the fans thirsty.

But when it comes to mountain bike, or two wheeled racing of any sort, it is a different story; the photos go greatly appreciated. It also puts a smile on the photographer's face. The photo right below is of Bianca Adolphe, and she races for the "Local Ride" race team along with Jean Ann McKirdy, who did not race do to an injury from last weekend's race in Edmonton. Team Local Ride, and Team Luna are all female teams, and these two teams kick some ass. Very strong riders on each team. Luna has been around for many years, and this is Team Local Ride's first season.

The photo below shows Geoff Kabush in the lead and I am sorry, but the other two rider's names I don't know. Geoff ended up winning this event and this was his first Canada Cup this year. The turnout was excellent and the weather was awesome as well. They say the Canmore course is one of the toughest in the Canada Cup series. I am thinking they are right.