Thursday, August 13, 2009


On the west side of Squamish

Having driven for 14 hours straight to get here from Edmonton, I was a little delirious when I arrived. The strangest thing though is people in Squamish are always waving at me like as if they know me. I wave back, to be courteous, but I still don't know why they are waving. Oh well, I will just go with it.

The reason I am in Squamish is that I am attending 'Crankworx' at the Blackcomb resort. I am not participating, but I am taking photographs. After finding a parking spot and then trying to find the Westin to get my media pass I had decided it was time to go and get a java. I grab a piece of fruitcake that has blueberries in it, and sit down. Then I happen to notice that Ryan Leech is sitting at the table next to me while he is typing away on his Macbook. The people you run into in Whistler! It wasn't long before I had him convinced to do an interview which I will post soon.

After leaving the java spot I happened to come across the Rocky Mountain bikes tent, and Peter Vallance was there. We had a little chit chat, and then I was on my way to check things out and scope out shooting spots. The VW Trick event was cancelled due to rain, but I was able to get some good photos of Ryan Leech doing his trials riding.

Ryan Leech doing his thing

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